We provide you with expert advice and efficient service to help you obtain your visa for South Africa. 


Your visa application is handled by certified immigration experts who have handled hundreds of successful visa applications. SA Visa Experts provides:



Timely responses to your questions


A 30-minute phone assessment


Step-by step instructions so you know what you need

Affordable pricing and payment options


Verification of your documents 


Expert advice on immigrating to South Africa


SA Visa Experts helped me tremendously in getting my critical skills visa. I began the process on my own, but hit a road block when my immigration officer said he would deny my application. It was at this point I reached out to SA Visa Experts. They helped me gather the correct documents, and after submitting my application was approved. Had I gone to them from the beginning, I would have had everything necessary and the process would have been completed in the correct time frame (4 weeks).

They are now helping me with my permanent residence application.
— Alane I. from USA