Standard Terms and Conditions



1.              DEFINITIONS

1.1.      The following expressions shall bear the meanings assigned to them below and expressions bear corresponding meanings:

1.1.1.   “Agreement” means these Terms and Conditions, all and/or Transaction Documents and all annexures, attachments and schedules hereto;

1.1.2.   “Company” means South Africa Visa Experts (Pty) Limited, registration number:  2016/255809/07;

1.1.3.   “Customer” means any person, whom the Company concludes an Agreement for the provision of any Services by whatsoever means, and includes the Customer’s representatives, successors and permitted assigns, and shall also include, where applicable, any user of the Website;

1.1.4.   “Customer Acceptance” means the customer’s acceptance of a Quote, whether in writing or telephonically;

1.1.5.   “Customer Request” means a request by the Customer to the Company for the Services, whether by email, on-line or telephonically;

1.1.6.   “ECA” means the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act 2 of 2002, as amended from time to time;

1.1.7.   “Electronic Communication" means Electronic Communication as defined in the ECA;

1.1.8.   “Parties” mean the Parties to this Agreement, being the Company and the Customer;

1.1.9.   “Quote” means any quote or proposal given to the Customer by the Company for the Services, setting out the Services proposed and the Services Fees;

1.1.10. “Service Fees” means the price or rates to be paid to the Company for the Services and as set out in the applicable Transaction Document/s;

1.1.11. “Services” means the immigration services made available by the Company to the public, including inter alia: immigration, visa and permit application and legal Services;

1.1.12. “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions;

1.1.13. “Transaction/s” means the transaction concluded between the Customer and the Company for the supply of Services;

1.1.14. “Website” means the collection of web pages located at; and

1.1.15. “ZAR/R” means South Africa Rand.


2.1.      Agreement between the Parties:  By using the Website, the Customer agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions.  The Agreement is concluded between the Parties in Johannesburg and at the time the Customer first enters the Website.

2.2.      Binding Nature:  These Terms and Conditions shall be binding between the Parties from the date the Customer first enters the Website and for all current and future Transactions.

2.3.      Entire Agreement:  These Terms and Conditions contain the standard terms and conditions for the use of the Website as well as for any and/or all Transactions and forms the entire agreement between the Parties.  No other terms or conditions, whether express, tacit or implied shall apply to a Transaction irrespective of the circumstances under which the Transaction arose.

2.4.      Amendment to Terms and Conditions:  These Terms and Conditions may be modified and/or amended by the Company at any time and in the Company’s sole discretion, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Customer is familiar with the updated and/or amended terms.  The Customer’s use of the Website and/or engagement with the Company and/or purchase of the Services signifies the Customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any updates and/or amendments thereof.

2.5.      The Customer acknowledges that it is aware that the Company’s sales/ customer service persons, where applicable, have no authority to vary these standard terms or conditions of sale and the Company assumes no liability and shall not be bound by any statements, warranties or representations made by such sales/customer service persons save as expressly stated in writing and signed by a director of the Company, duly authorized.

2.6.      This Agreement shall continue for an indefinite period.

2.7.      Nothing in these Terms and Conditions are intended to or must be understood to unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations, as the case may be, created for either of the Customer or the Company in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008.


3.1.      Information:  The information on the Website is not an offer from the Company to a Customer for the purchase of Services and does not impose any obligations on the Company to supply any Services to the Customer.

3.2.      While the Company makes every effort to ensure that the information on the Website or in email correspondence is correct and accurate, the Company will not be held liable for any inaccuracies and will endeavour to inform the Customer of any delays or changes to its Services.

3.3.      Online Quotations

3.3.1.   The Customer may use the Website to request Quotations from the Company for the Services.

3.3.2.   Any Quote submitted by the Company to a Customer is valid for the time period set out in the Quote and is provided on the basis of the information that the Customer has given.

3.3.3.   In the event of a conflict between any terms and conditions contained in any Quote and/or invoice provided by the Company and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions, will supercede any other terms and conditions as contained in such other Quote or invoice.

3.4.      Customer Request and purchase of Services using the Website

3.4.1.   Step 1: Customer Request:  In the event a Customer wishes to purchase the Services from the Company, the Customer can call the Company directly, request a call back, or submit an online request for a Quote (“Customer Request”).  Should the Company receive a Customer Request, the Company shall then request the Customer to complete the necessary forms and provide certain information or documents.  Based on the Services required and the information and documents received, the Company shall then provide the Customer with a Quote for the Services and the Services Fee. 

3.4.2.   Submitting a Customer Request does not impose any obligation on a Customer to buy any of the Services and it does not impose an obligation on the Company to supply any Services to a Customer.

3.4.3.   Step 2: Once a Customer has received a Quote, the Customer must review the Quote and may: (a) correct any incorrect details in the Quote, or submit new details to the Company, in which case, the Company will need to re-evaluate the application again and send to the Customer an amended Quote (step 1 then applies); or (b) inform the Company that the Customer wishes to accept the Quote and proceed to purchase the Services and for the Service Fees as set out in the Quote; or (c) walk away with no obligations.

3.4.4.   Step 3: In the event that the Customer decides to proceed on the basis of the Quote, the Customer must advise the Company accordingly (“Customer Acceptance”).  Once the Company has received the Customer Acceptance, the Customer Acceptance will be regarded as an acceptance of an offer by the Company to the Customer for the Company’s Services and for the Service Fees. 

3.4.5.   The Company has no obligation to render any Services to the Customer and may cancel any Customer Acceptance made by the Customer, in part or in full, without reason.  The Company’s liability for any cancellation of any Services Quoted, where the Company was in fault, shall be limited to a refund to the Customer in respect of monies already paid for the cancelled Quoted Services.

3.4.6.   Step 4:  Once the Company has received a Customer Acceptance, the Company will issue an invoice to the Customer setting out the Services to be rendered and the Service Fee.

4.         SERVICES

4.1.      The Customer acknowledges that the Company is an immigration service provider and is separate to any Government department or authority, including but not limited to the Department of Home Affairs.  The Company cannot guarantee the outcome of a visa application and cannot be held liable in the event that an application is rejected.

4.2.      The Customer acknowledges further, that the Company is not a registered immigration consultant, however it employs immigration consultants to assist in rendering the Services.

4.3.      The Company will only render the Services as agreed to between the Parties and as invoiced by the Company to the Customer, as referred to in Step 4 above.  The Customer acknowledges further, that the Services are subject to the information submitted by the Customer.  In the event that any information is incorrect or inaccurate, the Services may need to be varied.  In this regard, a new invoice will be submitted to the Customer setting out the variation to the Services.

4.4.      The Company will further only render Services in respect of invoices paid in full.  The Company has the right and in its sole discretion, and without liability, to refuse to render any Services or to suspend any Services, until such time as all Service Fees have been paid and/or exercise a lien on any documents if the Customer fails to make payment of the prescribed Service Fees.

4.5.      The Company cannot be held responsible or liable for the various factors outside of anyone’s control, such as delays caused by third Parties (e.g. the Department of Home Affairs), natural disasters, explosions, fires, floods or any other factor beyond the Company’s and anyone else’s reasonable control (force majeure).

4.6.      A contract for the purchase of the Services and an agreement regarding the Service Fees, will come into force on the date the Customer Acceptance is received by the Company.  Both verbal and written acceptances will be deemed to be a Customer Acceptance.

4.7.      For the avoidance of doubt, no contract will come into force for the purchase of Services or for the payment of Service Fees until such time as the Company has received a Customer Acceptance and the Company is not bound by any Quotes or Customer Requests prior to such acceptance.


5.1.      If a Customer chooses to request for his/her appointment by telephone, or requests return delivery by the Company’s courier service of the Customer’s processed application, the Company shall not be responsible or liable for any delay, delivery to a wrong address, or damage to or loss of the documents as a result of negligence by any mail service or the Company.

5.2.      A Customer can re-schedule their appointment once for free. This can be done up to 24 working hours before the appointment by contacting the Company. The cancellation of an appointment will be for free.

5.3.      Re-scheduling an appointment is possible 24 working hours prior to the appointment by contacting the Company, however only once per appointment. Should a Customer not show up for their appointment (No Shows), they can schedule a new appointment within 14 days. "No shows" will have to pay a Service Fee of R100 for a new appointment.  Notification thereof must be provided at least 24 working hours prior to the appointment date, by contacting the Company.

6.         SERVICE FEES

6.1.      In consideration for the Services, the Customer agrees to pay the Service Fees.

6.2.      The Customer agrees and understands that the Service Fees constitute the fees for the Services and exclude any 3rd Party or Government fees, costs and/or other charges, including but not limited to charges by the Department of Home Affairs, bank changes and/or foreign transaction charges.

6.3.      The Service Fees as displayed on the Website may be withdrawn and/or altered by the Company at any time and for any reason whatsoever. Any adjustments to Service Fees will be communicated to the Customer, and if the Customer does not wish to pay the adjusted Service Fee then the Company may, at its sole election, void the transaction, without any liability whatsoever.

6.4.      The Customer agrees that in the event that the Services are varied or additional Services are required, the Services Fees shall be adjusted and payable in full by the Customer.

6.5.      Services Fees may be adjusted as a result of 3rd party or Government costs which are required to be paid for the Services

7.         CHARGES

7.1.      The Customer shall be liable for all 3rd party and/or Government costs which may be payable in respect of the Services.  Such charges and costs shall be payable by the Customer directly to such 3rd party and/or Government department.

7.2.      The Company shall at no time be liable for any 3rd party or Government costs and/or charges and may further suspend its Services until such time as any such costs or charges have been paid by the Customer. 

8.         PAYMENT

8.1.      All Service Fees shall be payable in full within 7 days from date of invoice.

8.2.      Services Fees shall be paid in ZAR.  The Customer acknowledges that the Services Fees may increase as a result of changes in the exchange rate.  The Company shall not be liable for any increase to the Services Fees as a result of such increase in the exchange rate.  Notwithstanding a decrease in the exchange rate, the Services Fee shall remain unchanged and the Customer shall remain liable for the Services Fees as invoiced by the Company.

8.3.      Invoices shall set out a breakdown of the Services to be rendered by the Company and the Services Fees to be paid by the Customer.

8.4.      Payment of amounts invoiced shall be paid without set off or deduction and in cash or Electronic Cash Transfer into the bank account nominated by the Company from time to time.

9.         REFUNDS

9.1.      The Customer’s Acceptance is binding on the Customer and in the event that the Customer cancels a request for Services, the Company shall not be liable to refund the Customer any amount paid, save for instances where the Company has acted intentionally or has been grossly negligent.   No refunds will be paid in respect of matters outside of the Company’s control, where the Company have not been at fault (for example if there has been a change in laws or government regulations, rules or procedures) or where the Customer has caused an application to be stale for a period of 3 (three) months.

9.2.      The Company may charge the Customer a reasonable cancellation fee, taking into account the expenses incurred by the Company and commitments made by the Company, which cancellation fee will be 20% of the Services Fee as invoiced by the Company.

9.3.      In addition to the cancellation fee as referred to in clause 8.2, the Company charges:

9.3.1.   a R150 administration fee to refund money into a South African bank account;

9.3.2.   a R150 administration fee if the Company does not receive a reply within 7 calendar days of contacting a Customer requesting bank account details for purposes of a refund;

9.3.3.   a R150 administration fee if a Customer provides the Company with incorrect or incomplete bank account details for purposes of a refund;

9.3.4.   a R300 administration fee plus bank charges to refund trust money into an international bank account.

9.4.      The refund process takes 30 business days.


10.1.    The Customer warrants and guarantees that all information supplied to the Company by the Customer and in terms of this Agreement is true and correct.

10.2.    The Customer agrees to inform the Company immediately should there be any change of whatsoever nature in any of its information, including its physical address, previously supplied to the Company.

10.3.    As and when necessary, the Customer consents to the Company obtaining and/or disclosing the Customer’s information supplied to the Company as follows:

10.3.1. to either credit grantors and/or credit bureaux and/or banks and/or other financial institutions in order to ascertain information relating to the Customer’s creditworthiness (before acceptance of this Agreement) and for fraud prevention purposes in order to process any payment transactions necessary for and relative to this Agreement;

10.3.2. to attorneys and/or debt collection agencies in the event that the Customer is in breach of this Agreement;

10.3.3. to the Company’s agents or trade partners and/or consultants and or service providers but only to the extent necessary and in order to allow the supply of the Services;

10.3.4. to consumer research institutions for the purposes of conducting research on improving the Services offered to the Customer in terms of this Agreement;

10.3.5. for purposes of the Company publishing a directory containing the name, address, details and contact numbers of its Customers;

10.3.6. The Company will not disclose the Customer’s information to any other person or institution other than as stated under clause 9, or if the Company is compelled to do so in terms of law and/or a court of law. The Company hereby undertakes that it will only disclose such information as is required in terms of any law and or a court of law.


11.1.    By using the Company’s Website, or submitting requests on the Company’s Website for the Company to call the Customer, the Customer agrees to receive communications from the Company electronically and accept any risks associated with doing this.

11.2.    If the Customer sends the Company any information electronically, the Customer agrees that the Company can act on, and rely on, this information. The Customer also needs to make sure that, if the Customer sends the Company information electronically, the Company has received information sent.

11.3.    If the Company needs to send the Customer any agreements, notices or other communications, the Customer agrees that the Company can send the aforesaid to the Customer electronically and the Customer agrees that, by the Company sending the aforesaid to the Customer electronically, same constitutes communication in writing.

11.4.    If the Company sends communications to the Customer, such communications are strictly confidential and are intended for the Customer only.

11.5.    If the Customer would prefer not to receive communications from the Company online, the Customer needs to contact the Company to let the Company know and tell the Company what the Customer’s preferred method of communication is.

11.6.    The Company stores all the Customer’s records electronically and, by using the Company’s Website and submitting information to the Company online, the Customer agrees to the Company storing its data as set out in this clause. The Company’s electronic records constitute proof of the content of such record, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.

11.7.    The Company takes reasonable measures to protect information that the Customer sends to the Company and which is stored by the Company. However, where the Customer sends information to the Company, the Company cannot guarantee the safety and privacy of that information.  Any information that the Customer sends to the Company is at the Customer’s own risk. If the Customer would prefer not to submit information to the Company on the Company’s Website, please contact the Company.

11.8.    If the Customer sends an Electronic Communication to the Company, this shall be regarded as having been received by the Company if and when the Company responds to it, or when the Company acknowledges receipt of the Company’s Electronic Communication. If any Electronic Communication that the Customer sends to the Company is blocked and/or filtered and/or destroyed by the Company’s content filtering and virus checking systems, the Company shall not be regarded as having received that Electronic Communication.

11.9.    If the Company sends an Electronic Communication to the Customer, the Electronic Communication shall be regarded as having been received by the Customer when the complete data message forming part of the Electronic Communication enters an information system designed or used for that purpose by the Customer and is capable of being retrieved and processed by the Customer.

11.10.  Any Electronic Communications sent by the Customer to the Company or by the Company to the Customer shall be regarded as having been sent from the originator's usual place of business or residence and as having been received at the addressee's usual place of business or residence.

11.11.  The Customer agrees that electronic signatures and/or authentication and/or encryption are not required for Electronic Communications between the Customer and the Company to be valid.

11.12.  By using the Website, the Customer agrees that the Company may intercept, block, filter, read, delete, disclose and use all communications that the Customer send or post to the Company using the Company’s Website.

12.       WARRANTIES

12.1.    The Customer warrants that all information and documentation submitted to the Company is correct, true and accurate. Should this not be so, the Company cannot be held liable in any manner and the Customer will forfeit all rights under these Terms and Conditions. (This is valid, even if every part of the process and all Services have been completed.)

12.2.    The Customer acknowledges that the Company has made no representations or warranties to the Customer in connection with the agreement prior to the agreement being made.


13.1.    The Department of Home Affairs reserves the right to refuse a Visa or immigration application. The Company cannot assume any responsibility for the refusal of an application.

13.2.    As such, the Company cannot be held liable to the Customer for any loss, damage or injury caused or sustained, except where the Company has been grossly negligent, provided always that it will never be liable for any consequential, indirect or special losses and/or damages (including loss of profits).

13.3.    Furthermore, in the event of the breach of these Terms and Conditions, the Customer’s remedies shall be limited to a claim in respect of a material breach and which is proven.  In addition, the Customer’s claim shall be limited to the Services Fee.

13.4.    The Customer hereby indemnifies and holds the Company harmless against any losses, expenses, costs or damages of whatsoever nature incurred by the Customer arising from any intentional or negligent conduct by the Customer.

13.5.    Neither the Company, nor its duly authorised agents or representatives shall be liable for damages, loss or liability of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising through the use or inability to use the Website, the content provided therein or the Services or in respect of any loss or damage of parcels sent to a private address.

13.6.    The Company furthermore makes no representation or warranties whatsoever that the content and/or the technology available on the Website are free of errors, omissions, viruses of any nature or free of interruption.

13.7.    Any and all information on the Website should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of the Company and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the correctness of any of the content displayed on the Website.

13.8.    The Customer agrees to use the Website only for lawful purpose and in a manner which does not in any way infringe on the rights of or restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of the Website for any third Party, including, without limitation, conduct which is unlawful or which may harass or cause distress or inconvenience to any person. The Company will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the content of external Websites linked to the Website, whether directly or indirectly. It is the Customer’s responsibility to confirm any external Website’s privacy policy before transmitting personal information thereto.

14.       INDEMNITY

1.2.      By using the Company’s Website, the Customer agrees to indemnify the Company, the Company’s shareholders, employees, the Company, group companies, contractors, consultants, network operators, partners, affiliates and agents in respect of any claims, costs (including legal costs), expenses, loss, liabilities, damages (whether direct or indirect damages), demands, actions or other legal proceedings arising from or as a result of:

14.1.1. accessing the Company’s Website or any third-Party Website;

14.1.2. the Company’s inability to access the Company’s Website or any third-Party Website;

14.1.3. any decisions that the Customer makes based on the information published on the Company’s Website;

14.1.4. the Customer’s use of the Company’s Website or any tools contained on the Company’s Website or the Customer’s reliance on any information on the Website;

14.1.5. the submission by the Customer of any personal information on the Website, or the sending of any personal information by the Customer to the Company or by the Company to the Customer;

14.1.6. any steps that the Company takes on the Customer’s behalf, where the Customer asked or instructed the Company to do so;

14.1.7. any errors or inaccuracies contained in any information that the Customer has provided to the Company, or contained in any information published on the Company’s Website;

14.1.8. the use by any third Party of the Company’s Website, using the Company’s Website access details (username and password);

14.1.9. the breach of any intellectual property rights arising from the Customer’s use of the Company’s Website;

14.1.10.           any interruption, delayed or failed transmission experienced in using the Company’s Website;

14.1.11.           any viruses that may corrupt the Customer’s computer or system as a result of the Customer’s use of the Company’s Website; or

14.1.12.           the Customer’s failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


15.1.    All intellectual property on the Company’s Website, which includes content, trademarks, logos, pictures, video, downloads, domain names, patents, design elements, software, the Company’s codes, meta tags, databases, text, graphics, icons and hyperlinks are either the Customer’s property or licensed to the Customer.

15.2.    Accordingly, the intellectual property on the Company’s Website is protected from infringement by domestic and international legislation and treaties, which means that the Customer cannot copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, send or use any information on the Company’s Website without the Company’s prior consent in writing. All the Company’s rights to the Company’s intellectual property are reserved.

15.3.    The Customer may not use the Company’s logos, icons or trademarks as hyperlinks without the Company’s prior consent in writing

15.4.    Any permissions granted in these Terms and Conditions are given on a non-exclusive basis and may be terminated by the Company at any time, with or without notice or reasons.

15.5.    The Customer may not incorporate any e-mail addresses, names or contact details published on the Company’s Website into a database to be used for marketing or similar purposes.

16.       BREACH

16.1.    Should the Customer fail to make payment upon due date of any amounts due and owing, or commit any other breach of the terms of this Agreement, the Company shall be entitled, at its option without notice and without prejudice to any other right which it may have, including the right to claim damages arising out of the breach or the termination of this Agreement, to cancel a Transaction forthwith, and/or to declare all amounts owing by the Customer to be immediately due and payable and/or to suspend the carrying out of any of its then uncompleted obligations until payment is made.

16.2.    No relaxation which the Company may have permitted on any occasion in regard to the carrying out of the Customer’s obligations shall prejudice or be regarded as a waiver of the Company’s rights to enforce those obligations on any subsequent occasion.

17.       DISPUTES

Disputes shall be referred to arbitration in terms of the expedited rules of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa and such arbitration shall be conducted in Johannesburg in English. The arbitration ruling shall be final and the unsuccessful Party shall pay the successful Party on a scale as between attorney and own Customer. The expedited rules of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa can be downloaded from the  The Company however may in its discretion refer a dispute to a court having jurisdiction.

18.       GENERAL

18.1.    No alteration or variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be of any force or effect unless and until recorded in writing and approved by the Company. 

18.2.    All provisions and the various clauses of this Agreement are, notwithstanding the manner in which they have been grouped together or linked grammatically, severable from each other. 

18.3.    Any provision or clause of this Agreement which becomes unenforceable in any jurisdiction, whether due to voidness, invalidity, illegality, unlawfulness or for any other reason whatsoever, shall, in such jurisdiction only and only to the extent that it is so unenforceable, be treated as not forming part of the Agreement and the remaining provisions and clauses of this Agreement shall remain of full force and effect.

19.       ASSIGNMENT

The Customer may not actually or purportedly cede, assign or otherwise alienate any rights or obligations which it may have in terms hereof or in terms of any Agreement with the Company, without the Company’s written consent, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.


20.1.    The Parties hereto select as respective addresses for service of any documents the addresses set out in any invoice contemplated in terms hereof.

20.2.    Any written notices in respect of this Agreement shall be sent by email and shall be deemed to have been received on the day of transmission.


21.1.    This Website, these online Terms and Conditions, the Transactions and any contract shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

21.2.    The Company’s use of the Company’s Website, and these Terms and Conditions, are governed by South African law.

21.3.    In the event of the Customer committing any breach of the contract or in the event of the Company being required to take any legal action, the Customer agrees and undertakes to pay the Company’s legal costs as between attorney and own Customer including collection commission, tracing fees, valuation charges, transport costs and other expenses in connection therewith.  A certificate signed by a director of the Company shall be prima facie proof of the amount owing to the Company by the Customer and shall constitute a liquid document for the purposes of recovering the amount owing by the Company, entitling the Company to recover the amount owing by way of provisional sentence or summary judgement.


22.1.    In order to comply with the Company’s duties under ECA to disclose certain information to the Customer, please note the following:




Enterprise Number: 2016/255809/07

Tel +27 87 550 7363




23.1.    The Customer acknowledges that in terms of Section 29 (1) of the Financial Centre Intelligence Act, No 38 of 2001 (“FICA”) businesses are required to report any suspicious or unusual transaction or series of transactions to the Financial Intelligence Centre and in particular where the Company has received, or is about to receive, the proceeds of suspected unlawful activities in payment of the Customer’s indebtedness to the Company.

23.2.    The Customer indemnifies or holds the Company harmless against any claim of whatsoever nature instituted against the Company for any damage or harm suffered by the Customer or a third Party arising from any action taken by the Company in discharging its obligations in terms of FICA.


If the Customer has any comments about the Company’s Website, or the Customer believe that there is any untrue, inaccurate, illegal, infringing or harmful content on the Company’s Website, or the Customer would like to provide the Company with any other feedback, please contact the Company or email the Company at


25.1.    The Company’s Website contains information about the Company, the Services that the Company offers and other information that the Customer may find interesting. However, the information is not exhaustive so if the Customer has any questions or needs any more information, the Customer is responsible to contact the Company.

25.2.    The Company may change the information on the Website from time to time or the Company may discontinue parts of the Company’s Website or Services the Company offers on the Company’s Website. if the Customer is not sure whether the information that the Customer has is correct, or if the Customer is not sure whether the Customer has the latest information available, the Customer is responsible to contact the Company.

25.3.    We may deny the Customer access to this Website at the Company’s discretion, or if the Customer do not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

25.4.    You use this Website at the Company’s own risk.

25.5.    You may not use the Company’s Website, or any of the products or Services that the Company offers:

25.5.1. For harmful purposes (such as causing annoyance, inconvenience, harassment or anxiety to others);

25.5.2. For unlawful or illegal purposes (such as exploitation or purposes that may create a privacy or security risk to any person);

25.5.3. To disclose, share or publish any material that may be offensive, defamatory, may violate or infringe the rights of others, is false, misleading, obscene, indecent, pornographic, discriminatory, oppressive, racist, sexist, bigoted, offensive, abusive, and/or threatening, constitutes hate speech or contains foul, threatening or offensive language, promotes any harm or illegal activities, or which may have the effect of causing embarrassment or injury to the Company;

25.5.4. For the purpose of impersonating any person (for example, by using somebody else's username and password to login to this Website);

25.5.5. To collect or obtain any personal information about other users; or

25.5.6. To create, store or send any unsolicited communications to any person.

25.6.    The caching of the Company’s Website is allowed, if:

25.6.1. The purpose of the caching is to make the online transmission of content from the Company’s Website more efficient;

25.6.2. The cached content is not modified in any way;

25.6.3. The cached content is updated at least every 24 hours the Company’s; and

25.6.4. The cached content is removed or updated if the Company require this.