What you need to know about Radiological and Medical Reports

The Department of Home Affairs requires all persons to submit a Medical and Radiology report with their visa applications. What is the purpose of these reports and what else do you need to know about them?

The purpose of the medical and radiological forms is to confirm that the applicant is of sound health and will not pose a risk to South Africa.

What do I need to do with these forms?

Medical Report:

You are required to obtain a medical report from your general medical practitioner relating to your general health. They will detail any physical and mental condition that you may be suffering from.

Radiological Report:

You are required to obtain a report from a radiologist confirming that you have been examined (X-ray) and have no signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. Your radiology form needs to be completed at your local hospital at the X-ray department.

Do all visas require a Medical and Radiology Report?

No. Only the below visas require Medical Reports in South Africa:

• Work Visas
• Family Visas
• Long Stay Temporary Visas
• Business Visa
• Permanent Residency

The below do not require a medical or radiology report:

• Tourist Visa (not exceeding three months)
• Business Visitor’s Visa
• Short-Term Work Visa

Please note: Even though you do not need the forms for the initial Short-Term Work Visa when you renew your visa in South Africa, you are required to submit a medical and radiological report.

What are the costs involved?

A general practitioner would charge you a normal consultation fee and you need to pay the prescribed fee to complete your chest X-ray at your local hospital. Check with your medical aid, as they may cover this cost depending on your medical plan.

How long is the Medical and Radiology report valid for?

Medical and Radiology reports will only remain valid for six months and the Department of Home Affairs will not accept if it’s older than six months.


  • To avoid disappointment, it is always best to obtain these reports closer to the time of submission

  • Both reports must be no older than six months

  • Pregnant women and children under twelve years of age are exempt from having to provide a Radiology Report but will be required to provide a Medical Report

You can download each of the forms by clicking on them below:

Radiological Report

Medical Report

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