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SA Visa Experts a trusted, reliable, and affordable South African immigration service for Critical Skills Visas, Permanent Residence Permits, Short-term Business Visas, Intra-company Transfer Visas, Student Visas, Relatives Visas, Life Partner Visas, and Retirement Visas. We give you all the tools and tips to help you compile your application, all at a very competitive service fee.

SA Visa Experts service provides:


All required forms and templates 


Timely responses to your questions. 


Step-by step instructions so you know what you need

Affordable pricing and payment options


Verification of your documents 


Personalised advice on immigrating to South Africa


I just received my permanent residency today, and I could NOT have done with without the help of SA Visa Experts. Not only is their team highly experienced, but they are also super supportive and responsive to the stress and anxiety of those going through the process of applying for Temporary or Permanent status. As a client, you get the sense that they are equally invested in your application and process as you are. They answered every single one of my questions, were always available to talk through things, and were absolutely pedantic and meticulous in not only ensuring my application was complete, but that it was strong. I will continue to recommend SA Visa Experts to anyone I come across looking to apply for a visa or permanent residency in South Africa.
August 31, 2018
— Sophie M. from USA